Belle is beautiful and spirited

But that ain’t a spelling error you see,

Since Beast, in my eyes

Is definitely the ‘Best’ in this movie!


A cursed prince in his castle

A story we have all read

The tale that makes little girls dream

While tucked into their beds.


He is a creative craftsman

The forgetful, loving father,

His beautiful daughter adores him

Though she so misses her mother.


There is arrogant captain Gaston

Thinking he deserves Belle’s hand

He jousts, prances and fences

But just does not understand


His blustering is just not enough

To win this young girl’s heart

Her adventurous, book loving soul

Needs her man to stand apart.


Her heart seeks a life less ordinary

Beyond her eyes can see,

But for a simple village girl

Can this dream really be?


She stumbles upon a haunted castle

Where the beast lies cursed

Surrounded by his loyal staff

Shielding the prince they have nursed.


Belle is trapped in the castle

With this beast huge and horned

Waiting for true love to free him

Deemed by the enchantress he scorned.


But Belle is young and fearless

Like the mother she knew not

Though the Beast is angry and fearsome  

She fights with all that she has got.


How does the story go?

How does she love this creature?

This monster who seems to have

Absolutely no redeeming feature!


Watch B&B for it’s magic

And of course the STELLAR cast

It will weave a web around you

That I know is sure to last.


Watch it for the music

And people who love to dance

And the charming, gossipy village

 It is so Vive la France!


It did have some gay moments

That sadly had to be cut

You cannot make a film these days

Without folks wanting to punch your gut!



Director: Bill Condon (The Twilight Saga, The Fifth Estate)


Belle: Emma Watson

Beast: Dan Stevens

Gaston: Luke Evans

LeFou: Josh Gad

Maurice: Kevin Kline

Lumière: Ewan McGregor

Cogsworth: Ian McKellen

Mrs. Potts: Emma Thompson

Maestro Cadenza: Stanley Tucci



Copyright © Taraa Vermaa Senguptaa March 2017

All rights reserved