Hello little boy
Why do you cry?
Home flattened by a bomb
Parents dead under the rubble
Sister raped and tortured
Oh don’t worry
You’ll get by.

Hello little boy
I see you still in tears
So you’ve seen horrors
Of mutilated bodies
Oozing brains and intestines
Oh don’t worry
There’s nothing to fear.

Hello young teen
Have you been stealing?
Didn’t your parents impart values
Of trust and integrity
And piety at all times
You think the world cares
That you haven’t been healing?

Hello you teen
Is that a knife your belt?
So you survived abuse for years
Survived hopeless despair
Millions of refugees do that
So why would I care
About how you felt?

Hello young man
Is that a gun in your hand?
You are a born rebel
A blot on the landscape
For us who gave you a roof
Childhood trauma is a poor excuse
That remains our firm stand.

Hello old man
There is a reward on your head.
You fanatic, you killer
We will get you some day
Because our killings are legal
But yours is terrorism
So mind where you tread.

Hello dead man
Well I told you so.
That your dreams and aspirations
Are worth nothing to us
Though your life has no value
Your death does bring some cheer
So you had to go….

Copyright © Taraa Vermaa Senguptaa October 2016
All Rights Reserved

Image: Courtesy Google images