Sunday evening telephone conversation:

Abhi: I want to watch Bad Moms.
Taraa: What on earth is that?
Abhi: It is a new movie. A chick flick that I want to see. Want to come?
Taraa: (hyperactive mind on 5th gear and already checking listings) I can’t see it on!
Abhi: (calm as ever) Ah you are already on the site. Look for it.
Taraa: (having searched and found the errant listing) Oh it has Mila Kunis! I don’t mind!
Abhi: Should we go tomorrow?
Taraa: (cheap thrill mode) Oh I love going for movies on Mondays. And the tickets are 90 bucks each!!

And that, ladies and gents is how we landed up watching Bad Moms this gorgeous, rainy morning.

Bad Moms

Ready for a typical Hollywood chick flick, we were not disappointed. Bad Moms, as the name suggests is about….moms! Rich moms, poor moms, single moms, wanting to be single moms, independent moms, under the husbands thumb moms, bored moms, crazy moms, slutty moms, well coiffed moms, unkempt moms and more!

It is uncannily reminiscent of High School Musical and countless other such films that Hollywood has churned out, with moms in the lead instead of teen kids.

Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis) is 32 (which is her actual age by the way), with an interesting career, a successful husband, sweet middle school kids, lovely home et al. She wakes up early, makes breakfast, does school projects, packs innovative and exotic lunch for the kids, drives around like a maniac picking and dropping them, works like super efficient if slightly mad robot every day despite being a part time employee in a cool coffee company, tolerates her very spaced out boss, attends PTA meetings despite being picked on by Gwendoline (Christina Applegate) – Ice Queen and PTA Chairperson, shops groceries, cooks gourmet dinners, takes care of the family dog and and and………and because her schedule is such a breeze, she is always running late. She is late for morning huddles at work, late for her daughter’s soccer tryouts, late for PTA meetings, late for pretty much everything.

One fine day Amy’s allegedly neat little world turns topsy turvy and she manages to hook up with two other misfit moms over drinks and mommy confessions in a bar. During the evening she has an epiphany and decides to go from a mom who tries to hard and fails to a ‘bad mom’ who gives up trying.

Why am I writing all this about a film that sounds so trite? Here are reasons for you ladies to watch/or not Bad Moms. Does not matter if you are not a mom, you have definitely had a mom and that is reason enough. Men, you can watch it because Mila Kunis is gorgeous!

  • Watch it if you have ever felt you are the crappiest mother in the world
    • Do NOT watch it if you are a perfect mom!
  • Watch it if your kids have ever told you what a terrible parent you are
    • Do NOT watch if your kids are angels who only say nice things to you
  • Watch if you have run from pillar to post doing a zillion things and getting late for everything
    • Do NOT watch if your life runs like clockwork
  • Watch if you have gone through days when everything seems to go wrong
    •  Do NOT watch if your life is a fairy tale

It is not a great movie by any stretch of imagination, but it hits a few raw nerves, makes you tear up a bit, laugh a lot and feel like you are not the only one floundering in the turbulent waters of mom-dom! Like most mainstream Hollywood productions, this has good quality performances (over the top at times but that is expected), a decent soundtrack and a storyline that though as old as the hills, manages to entertain.

Have fun watching it, if you do 🙂

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