In a dystopian barren land,

A woman wronged took a stand,

To redeem herself of her sins,

And get back to her kith and kin.


In Citadel the War Lord reigned,

Evil, twisted, though he feigned,

To be the master of them all,

The gnarled, the frail, the old and small.


From that evil Lord she stole,

What he adored, against her role,

With flinty eyes and nerves like steel,

She vowed to bring him down to heel.


A one armed battle so she fought,

No help from any had she sought,

She travelled across deserts wide,

Fearlessly with a sense of pride.


Came later a man who’s heart had,

Withered years ago when he was dad,

Humanity he had forsaken,

When his own were cruelly taken.


I so won’t believe you if,

You didn’t gasp in disbelief,

When red earth flew about swirling,

And death danced about a twirling.


As cars and creatures chased the rig,

War boys kept dreaming very big,

Of glory beyond their mundane lives,

Of thrills that got them out to strive.


‘Gates of Valhalla’ was the goal,

Shiny and chromed as they were told,

Martyrdom they all seeketh,

‘Witness me’ they screamed in death.


Did they win, Max and Furiosa?

Did ‘Fury Road’ get them closer?

Watch the film by old George Miller,

I guarantee a nail biting thriller.


Do venture forth if you are brave

To watch Max fight and stave

But do not try if faint of heart

The film might make your sleep depart!



Tom Hardy – Max Rockatansky

Charlize Theron – Imperator Furiosa

Nicholas Hoult – Nux (War Boy)

Huge Keays Byrne – Immortan Joe (War Lord)

George Miller – Director


Copyright © Taraa Vermaa Senguptaa May 2015
All Rights Reserved