Thank you Kiran Rao for making a film that defies almost every tradition seen in hindi films.

Thank you for having just 4 pivotal characters without unnecessary sidekicks who ham and reduce the audience to tears.

Thank you for the refreshingly real people and locales.

Thank you for no song and dance.

Thank you for real emotions.

Thank you for leaving us with just a tiny ray of hope after the lump in the throat.


I could go on and on with the vote of thanks, but maybe it is best to clarify my stand here.

Why did I like this film?

Is it because it was so believable?

Or because I could relate to every character and actually feel what they felt?

Or because it did not have lead characters prancing around in body hugging designer wear morning, noon and night?

Or because music was used only to create the mood and not to make us believe that every character has a Sunidhi Chauhan or Shaan hidden inside, just dying to burst into song at the drop of a hat?

Or because of my lifelong connection to water, which has been used as a metaphor so many times and so beautifully in the movie?

Or maybe because it shows the myriad colours and sights and sounds of my city – Mumbai in a way that maybe even Slumdog Millionaire could not?


There was something so beautifully moving about the film that it reminded me of The Japanese Wife. I will not be able to give a logical answer if asked for similarities, (if any at all!!) between the films, but I guess the sensitivity of the directors shine through every frame. The biggest compliment for the film was the man (an audience member) walking up to one of the staff at the multiplex saying – Why did you say this is a bad film? It is a really good film!

I am so glad I made the effort to watch it even though it was a week night.

Thanks for your recommendation Sunil 🙂


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